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Tying a scarf is easy with a little practice and a rubber band. Here is a basic tutorial. Your wig specialist can show you other interesting ways of wearing beautiful fabrics.

Click on pictures below for close up tutorial.

  1. Holding an oblong scarf spread between both hands, fold over a small part of the scarf in front to make a one inch and place it across forehead with one side shorter (approx 1/3 on one side and 2/3 on the other) than the other.
  2. Cross short side of scarf over long side.
  3. Pull ends snug and drape over shoulders
  4. Straighten or roll the long end and bring it up and over the head. It looks most flattering on a bit of a diagonal.
  5. Grab both ends by ear like a pony tail snug to the head
  6. Use a doubled packing rubber band or similar sized grippy band gather tails near head like you would to make a pony tail.
  7. Pull the ends part way through the rubber band
  8. Stop when you have a bubble of fabric through
  9. Spread and fluff the bubble to cover the band and fill in the neck area in a flattering way.


If the "tails" are too long pull another bubble through ONE of the strands of rubber band. If your oblong scarf is too big fold it in half for better control.

Wear with hats: Center the scarf and create the ponytail bubble with out going over the head. Top it with a hat as pictured to the right. Be sure the hat comes just below the scarf on your forehead.

Large Square Scarf: Fold almost in half diagonally giving yourself as much scarf to work with as possible Follow steps 1 and 5-10.
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