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Frequently Asked Questions


Convenience, Thinning

Over time many of us get a little thinner up top.. Sometimes our hair splits in a big crooked part down the back or we notice our silvery roots are betraying us more often than we would like! There is a way to get your youthful book back! Brenda Kay's favorite secret weapon? A human hair top piece customized to your color and cut into your style. Seamless and undetectable! It gives the extra lift to any style creating a more youthful, healthy looking head of hair. These are commonly used in the film industry as they are undetectable and do not damage hair. They just gently but securely clip into your current style and off you go!

Keep in mind many people wear wigs and pieces for fun and convenience- more than you know actually. A well fitted quality piece can be undetectable.

Will it be comfortable? Will people know?
There have been great advancements in wig making in recent years. The caps are engineered with several different materials to give you a secure, soft fit. A qualified wig salon should be able to alter and tailor any pre-manufactured piece so that you will feel confident in almost any activity. Custom pieces offer even more options. While human hair is undoubtedly realistic and perfect for longer lengths, advancements in synthetic hair have created durable, natural feeling strands that are perfect for shorter more active styles.

Why am I losing my hair?
Still so much research is being done into the whys and wherefores of hair growth. It is a concern for both men and women even more so now that we are living longer. While nothing definitive has been discovered, when it is, it will surely make international news. Until then, we have excellent options for controlling our appearance if we wish to.

Is human hair better than synthetic?
Both have their benefits. Shorter styles may be easy to maintain with an easy to manage synthetic. Longer styles may benefit from the durability of human hair as it weathers friction much better. A short synthetic wig can easily last a year while one below the shoulder will show wear with in a few weeks. A human hair wig can easily last 1-3 years with proper care. For someone wearing a wig every day, year after year, a human hair wig is an excellent investment.

What is a custom wig?
Custom pieces are design by Brenda and usually made with human hair. There are many different kinds of human hair. Brenda will work with both Indian and Virgin European. Indian hair has been processed so it comes in a wide range of colors and has good movement. Because it has been processed, additional processing is limited. It is often readily available in stock or can be ordered with in one week.

Virgin European hair has not been treated so it is exceptionally strong and silky. It can be styled into any look and is excellent for those who are wearing their piece for a year or more. Custom European hair wigs are made to order and do take longer to make so it is not always convenient for those on a tight time table.

The wig cap which has the individual hairs tied to it is designed to fit the client using either precise measurements or by taking a mold of the head. If there is a chance you will be wearing your piece long term it is very important to get a great fit by a professional. You may need more than a party wig or fashion wig to create a realistic, comfortable solution which well help you feel confident in day to day wear.
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